Battle of Britain II

Battle of Britain II 2.11

Fight one of the world’s most decisive air battle in history
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Battle of Britain II is a flight simulation game developed by A2A Simulations.
All the aerial combats presented in this simulator are taken from the Battle of Britain which took place during World War 2 and the main factions are the British RAF (Royal Air Force), and the German Luftwaffe. This simulator features a huge emphasis on the historical accuracy, that is why it is very well known among many flight simulator fans especially those focused on the Second World War.

Let's make a little history.
The Battle of Britain began on July 10, 1940 and was the start of a campaign developed by the German Luftwaffe to destroy the defense capabilities of the command of British fighters... Well, under this attractive background, A2A Simulations presents this combat flight simulator, where we can get into the role of a combat pilot during the Second World War, or being part of squadron leader on either side that took part of this conflict.
An interesting curiosity is that this game can be played in the flight simulator mode or as a strategy game, or even make a combination of both.
In conclusion, historical combat flight simulator fans will deeply enjoy this amazing title.

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